Project Imagina

theater and creativity to mental health

Community integration

The Imagina Project takes the heart of its activity the theater workshops leading to an open proposal and transverse integration and community participation for persons with mental illness. In these spaces, creativity and drama are transformed into reason, tool and means for personal growth.

In psychosocial rehabilitation, these activities provide a valuable framework for the development and generalization of personal skills. Shared learning, cognitive abilities as a whole, personal growth, active listening and empathy, trust and teamwork, self-control and interest in exploring new techniques and formats, are just some of the elements that inescapably part of the dynamics of theater workshops.

Theatre is preferably a collective act and shared. Over time, the Imagine Project has generated a single particular way of making possible thanks to the involvement of its protagonists. Every action is committed to all and is a common goal, an open construction that would not be feasible without the willingness to share. "The fact of performing in front of others is not only an exercise of responsibility but involves the factor dignity and affirmation to the rest of the group" (1).

But also, the theater also has enormous potential as an educational tool and transformer of culture. The Imagine Project, this potential is a key element of our business and is particularly valuable in promoting education and awareness actions that challenge collective prejudice and stigma attached to mental illness.

    (1) IBÁÑEZ, N “El Théàtre du Fil en Barcelona”,  magazine Educación Social, n. 13, 1999.


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