Project Imagina

theater and creativity to mental health


"Imagina-Scene" reflects the commitment and the will to make the scenic Imagina working an open offer to the community. The scenario has been and is a meeting place to share with all kinds of viewers. We need to understand the theatrical work not only as a means of growth but opportunity for collaboration with many other entities, raising a valuable tool and an agent of social change. 

"Imagina-Scene" maintains two types of proposals: New looks, which integrates several theater shows theater, forum and puppets own creation and production; Collaborations, they are corresponding to other performing interventions to different cultural events organized by different organizations and associations.

With either of the two types of proposals, Imagine wants to stage a meeting is possible thanks to the support of entities and individuals. The pedagogical framework and working with network allow us to influence the social normalization and coexistence ..

In recent years, this scenic Imagine work is having a particular impact on education. Each season develops performances aimed at young people, students from different schools and school levels, making each performance looks open to new space, a space for listening and reflection away from the misconceptions that often underlie stigma.

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