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Relating life

"Relating life" allows the creativity of a space for children aged between 10 and 12 years, and adults suffering from mental disorder. Such a space opens the possibilities to a particular way of working on making people aware and sensitive to mental illnesses

Every term, in the same school, children and adults share the "here and now" experience, knowing and recognising each other as an individual before approaching the fact of suffering from mental disorder.

The first edition, started in October 2010 to Benviure CEIP Sant Boi de Llobregat, based on the original idea and direction Susanna Cebrian, a regular contributor to Project Imagine and specialist techniques of expression.

"Relating Life" has been an approach and knowledge project in the mental health addressed to students and also integrating and project-sharing for those suffering an illness in student circles. For this reason the project has been known as co-creative from its origin as the objective was a two-way one and it established a relationship between both collectives which have the values to offer their experience, expressed by means of creativity.


Obertament Award to activities of social contact with the stigma

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