Project Imagina

theater and creativity to mental health


Welcome to Imagina. Imagina is the evolution of a creative proposal started in 1998 in the mental healthcare and psychosocial rehabilitation environment.

As time goes by, having been on stage and moved by the complicity of spectators, those who have taken part and made the effort to be part of Imagina Theatre Group, consolidate this initiative as an open and integrating  task true to its identity signs.

Imagina groups different spaces of collaboration and collective work where creativity, continuous learning and active participation meet in order to continue creating and representing puppet shows, theatre, searching or developing sensibilization actions and social integration of mental diseases, or, simply to enjoy the opportunity of putting ourselves together and participate in other cultural and solidarity projects.

Imagina is a proposal in permanent transformation which lets us:

  • Maintain a flexible and self-cared area, opened to new proposals of which we can continue learning while doing tasks and having responsibilities, where the important thing is to enjoy the experience and share the interests and potentials in a context of collective work.

  • Generate a ludic and cultural offer of activities opened to the community and developed from the mental healthcare perspective, as a social integration tool.

  • Serve as a platform for the generation of new participation initiatives and other tasks connected with the fight from the ludical and educative perspective, in the actions and tasks bounded to the fight against social stigmatization that people with this type of diseases suffer.

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